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No recipe, just food for thought

During this Lent, I have to admit, I am giving up nothing.  Instead, I vowed to acknowledge God throughout my day.  I listen to worship music more, I try to thank Him more.  Right now, in my life, this is very difficult to do.  I am trying to be happy in my circumstances.  So tonight I want to give God thanks for a very small but, to me, significant thing.  I was working on a project due tomorrow for the scenic design model of the show I am assistant scenic designer of.  I needed it done by tonight so that it had time to dry.  When it looked like it wasn’t going to work, I was ready to give up.  After all, I am extremely tired and already worked on homework all afternoon.  Somehow God gave me the stamina to figure out how to do it and I ended up finishing in less time than I had planned!  

I know God is there through big things and small.  Sometimes, though, it seems as if I call on Him way too much.  And then I remember, unlike us humans, God wants us to be needy.  He wants us to rely on Him for big things and small things, and for many, many things.  And He always gets me through all things.
Thanks God.

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